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Transition of Comic Books into Digital Format

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The delivery medium for comics is going digital. E-comics, mobile comics, animated stories, cartoon channels are upgrading the print version to electronic media. But that does not quite mean that print is dead. Not yet. We analyze the how-and-what of the comic industry in India.

Implementing IFRS

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What are IFRS/IAS?
Statements of International Accounting Standards (IAS) issued by the IASC (1973-2001) are designated as IAS. However, the 1ASB announced in April, 2001 that its Accounting Standards would be designated as ‘International Financial Reporting Standards’ (IFRS).

Profit from a passion

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If Vincent Van Gogh had viewed his extraordinary creations as a means of livelihood, imagine how radically different his life would have been. He lived for his art per se, and, the uncertainty of his next meal made little difference to him.

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