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Exchange Headline: Facilities Management - An Enormous Opportunity in India, Startup Funding Required

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Exchange Description: Facilities Business in India is still at its very nascent stage with only few organised players servicing large corporate clients. Facility Management in India is gaining momentum day by day. In today's busy schedule where all are striving hard in a family to earn the maximum, you have least time left for household chores like gardening and landscaping, lawn management, waste management facility, general electrical maintenance, garbage collection, security services, home pest control system, periphery services, building maintenance etc. It is not just the paucity of time that comes in the way of addressing these aspects of good housekeeping. In the context of modern housing pattern, most of these jobs have become highly complex and difficult to handle.

The sheer magnitude of work and the technical nuances involved in it demand a dedicated and completely separate system of management. Thus came into existence the concept of facility management and various service providers in the form of facility management consultants, companies or facility managers.

Sky Care aims at providing reliable, efficient services at affordable prices. The plan is to start the services for the home segment and then grow to provide services to corporate campuses and also large-scale public spaces.

The services can be broadly classified as Preventive maintenance, Repair & up gradation and personalised services.

Preventive maintenance includes elevator servicing’s, water tank cleaning, swimming pool maintenance, gardening etc...

Repair may include carpentry, plumbing, electrical services and so on. This also includes electronic gadgets, civil works and other such repairs.

Personalised services will be the last phase services which includes doorstep medical services, chauffeur services, passport & visa services etc.

These services will be packaged under a subscription model which will have 3 variants covering different segment of homes.

Sky Care will setup a call centre and other channels for customers to register their requests. The backend office then sends a technician who will reach the place at the earliest and completes the required service.

Future opportunities may include signing up with large malls, metro stations, airports and corporate campuses. We can also expand geographically to other cities.

This will also give an opportunity for the disorganised labour, as they will be given permanent employment with salary and other benefits.
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