The Street Food Business

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The colony where I live in (in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi) is basically dominated by the Punjabi Sikh community. The Punjabi community is known for a lot of things like their business skills, flashy cars, etc. Their penchant for good food is also one among them. Besides, the Punjabis another dominant community is that of the Tamilians, who are basically migrant workers and find work mostly in the houses that belong to the Sikhs.

Though there are several eateries in the area, ranging from small dhabas to big restaurants, there was never a south Indian outlet closeby. A Tamilian couple, who were observant enough to notice this opportunity, were quick to open a "mobile Idli Vada outlet." As the day gives way to dusk, this couple sets out on their cycle laden with big drums full of fresh idlis and vadas and piping hot sambhar accompanied by the coconut chutney. They sell a plate of idli sambhar or vada sambhar for Rs 12 a plate. His USP is his authentic south Indian food plus his mobility. A casual conversation reveals that he sells almost 50 plates of idlis and around 20 plates of vadas daily. Quickly calculating, he earns Rs 600 by selling idlis and Rs 240 by selling vadas daily, in total Rs 840 per day. Just a small example of the potential of street food business in India!

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written by shakil, November 10, 2010
i like this type of business i also started a veg tapra on bhopal street and i also get very good business thx
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