Can Email be synonymous to Gmail?

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It was in 2000 when I got my first email ID. Of course, I was very happy about it and went gaga about it telling my family members that I communicate online now.

It was on something called “”, which was supposed to send money as you get more and more emails.(!) A sort of attractive bait for newcomers, indeed! Soon, we shifted to where we got permanent addresses that are still there. Then of course Yahoo! followed suit and finally in 2004, I landed on Gmail (officially called Google Mail in England and Germany).

It is interesting to note how the evaluation of mail accounts moved. Gmail was the first email application that used AJAX technology where you are not refreshing the whole page but the element in question. It made things move faster than normal. In the beginning, it was extremely fascinating to notice how things could go fast with this technology.

Initially, I disliked the concept of grouping of sent mails and replies, but as I went on to use it more and more, I grew habitual to it.

As the popularity of Gmail grew and the space offered to store your mails being a big attraction, almost every second professional had an email account on Gmail. Invitations were sent to friends and colleagues to share this common platform. According to the entry on Wikipedia, Gmail has around 146 million users per month.

During the Q&A session with Sanjit Bunker Roy in Tilonia, I noticed a “slip of tongue” and thought to write about this. While replying to one question, he was offering to give the email ID of the person in question. However, while saying that “her email ID is…”, he said “her Gmail ID is…”. He went on to correct it but it generated this blog in my mind.

Can email be synonymous to Gmail? What are your thoughts? Share!

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