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I got this email from which mentioned these interesting stats:

  • In the recent 2008 Rajasthan state assembly elections, a candidate lost by 1 vote

  • In 2004 general elections, the lowest margin of victory was 74 votes

The website is a well-publicized attempt to rope in voter registration – and makes life easy for the prospective voters at that. It seems they have hit a milestone of 300,000 online voters registrations and is currently looking at ganing more momentum as they plan to close registrations around Mid-March.

Among other things, the email had a couple of 'Did you know?'

  • You can register others (family members) using your own email ID

  • Registered voters also stand to benefit a lot by registering.

So yeah, anyone out there who dreads the thought of sarkaari affair to get themselves registered as voters, you still have time to do it the easy way at honestly, I love what the website is doing and the way it is doing it :)

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A very senior businessman conducting a workshop, which I was attending, mentioned casually, “Okay, sorry my computer is acting up. The culprit must be that abcdxyz process which I have been noticing is running on my computer since the last few days.” He also mentioned, just the curiosity to find out why is the process running, will get him wasting a good few hours later in the evening or the next day.

This is true for many of those not very IT inclined but know how to hit 'Control + ALT + DEL' to investigate what is slowing down their computer or to terminate a non-responding program.

The simplest thing thing that can be done is:

visit > type the name of the suspicious process in the search box > click on find to get a detailed report about that process

Here are two examples:



If it is a safe process, you are leave it be. If you get a harmful process reported, get in touch with your IT manager or IT savvy friend/colleague, who could help you fix it.

Do not want to check each on each process individually?

Download the free scanner by clicking here > Install it > Run it > Go through the detailed report (which tells you which process is what, how much resource is it using, etc)

I am sending the URL of this blog-post to the senior person I talked about in the beginning. I hope this helps others who get caught in 'process dilemma' too :)

I like what is up to these days. I booked a ticket from Delhi to Nagpur couple of days back. As expected, I got my confirmation mail, e-ticket, and SMS alerts. That is a given right?

What I did not expect was this email which popped in one day before the flight:

 Click on the visual to see it in a larger size. This email contained crisp information on – About Nagpur, Photos of the city, What to see and do in Nagpur, Baggage rules of the airlines I was traveling in, In flight services info, Airport to city (distance from city center, time, taxi fare, transport) etc. I found telling myself - “This is neat! I could do with such crisp and clear information for every destination I am traveling to.” I really liked this idea.

Now, two days later, I get this email:

Again, an unexpected email, but in a very nice and short way soliciting my opinion on any hotel that I might have stayed at in Nagpur. Yeah, this is for building traction for their recently launched Hotel Review website which was launched in a grand way by Gajodhar! By the looks of it, the review website is doing good – about 5800 reviews when I am making this post.

I am not sure if is the first or only website to do this. I am not sure if other websites are doing this, but if they are not, they should think of such small things that grabs and holds a customer's attention. Purely from a customer's perspective, if you ask me, I felt nice about the way they kept me indulged beyond just the e-ticket and SMS reminders. I think such indulgence will go a long way in providing a personal touch to the customers and keep them coming back for more...

What is missing is probably an 'unsubscribe such notifications' link in the email. I am sure there are customers out there who might not appreciate such unsolicited mailing.

However, to pull off the way technology helped Barack Obama (e.g. website,blog, among other things) is not merely about having a web presence. Politicians in India need to realize that long sermons on issues is not what catches the attention of the target audience. What they need to put across needs to be crisp, clear, and concise. And using the web for campaigning does not simply mean having a website or a blog – these are platforms which should allow participation, have offline elements that compliment the campaigning, have regular updates, so on and so forth.

Here is an idea, want to target the Orkut and Facebook addicted Indian youth? Get developers to make applications in the lines of 'As an Indian, which party should I vote for?', 'As an Indian, what am I expecting the ruling party to do for the country?', 'Which politician am I?', etc. Believe me, the youth love to find out 'Which F.R.I.E.N.D are you?', 'Which career is suitable for me?' and then show it off. And I am not talking run of the mill boring app, I am talking something that can deliver a youthful twist, a kick. There are lot of startups in India who I believe can help independent candidates and politician parties with their campaigning by a lot of innovation, which even Obama perhaps did not use – you never know.

Going further, if politicians are planning on leveraging social media for campaigning, here is one more bit of info - BJP’s V K Malhotra, (@VKMalhotra) is on Twitter as well as on Facebook too (report). All other candidates should be too.

PS: I was drawn to make this blog post after I saw Advani's AdSense campaigning splurging many websites I was visiting on a daily basis. I saw some independent candidates mentioning in comments on various blogs that they too are planning to campaign mainly or only online.

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