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TiECon Delhi 2011 - Resilience of mind and body - Young Achievers

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It was a session which gave real insight about what a tough body, determined mind and strong will can achieve. At Delhi chapter 2011, TiE gave young achievers award to three women who have dazzled the country with their sheer grit and endurance.

It was a session like never before. The delegates came face to face with 3 young women who, by strong will and years of practice, achieved everlasting glory. It was the session to meet Anu Vaidyanathan - triathelete & Endurance sportsperson, Sucheta Kadethankar, trekker who crossed the Gobi desert and Deeya Bajaj, youngest member of trans Greenland skiing expedition.

In a freewheeling interview with Mr. Amit Bhatia, Founder & CEO, Aspire Human Capital, they spoke about the kind of training they went through, mind power and winning attitude.

Here are some thoughts they shared-

On mental and physical strength:

Anu: I think the mind is more powerful than the body. If your mind is not strong you cannot achieve physical fitness. It’s all about hitting all the low and then bouncing back to achieve the target.

Sucheta: Mind gives the strength to the body. When we face some physical challenges, it’s the mind that prepares us. It’s better to keep things simple and not to confuse the mind.

Deeya: I believe both mind and body are equally important as mind gives the will to reach to the target and body gives the required physical strength.

On trainning regime:

Anu: Wake up and shut yourself from outside world. Learn to be optimistic and enjoy the daily grind.

Sucheta: One needs the consistency; it cannot happen overnight. Continuous training is required.

Deeya : Discipline and proper training are very important to get prepared for the challenges.

What has nature taught you?

Anu: It’s all about the choices you make. Respect the elements of nature and keep your ego out.

Sucheta: Nature teaches you to be prepared for the unexpected.

Deeya: You can never truly conquer nature. It humbles you.

What is next?

Anu : to race professionally and win.

Sucheta: Take a break from the job and trek the Great Himalayan trail which is about 4500 KMs long.

Deeya: Continue studies and skiing across the north and south poles.


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